Born to Be Free

Born to Be Free

M.D. L. Barros


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The book is about an Italian young man that has to run for his life to avoid the mafia. He went to Argentina where he began a mining business. There, he had romance, family, and fortune. Sadly, he also had disaster and sadness. New generations carry the torch and found themselves in the darkest, and most terrible ordeal that a human being can endure. He is able to escape after ten years of being a slave. He then finds a new life where he is reunited with family and discovers the beautiful things that life can offer. Born to Be Free spans several generations and two world wars. The story evolves over several countries and real-world events. The story exposes much of the sadness and the reality that perverse, twisted, diabolical, and selfish individuals bring into this world. It relates how the human spirit can rise above sadness and disaster, and discover that with hard work, perseverance, and a great desire to chase their dream, anyone can find romance, love, family, and the opportunity to make a difference in the world. With the fulfillment of their dreams, one can say that in their heart, they know that the world is just a little bit better because they are in it.